The Social Struggle: How We Took Over The Internet by @WoodyandKleiny


‘What’s your hack?’

‘Tell me your secrets.’

‘How do you do it?’

We’re asked those questions over and over. With millions of followers around the world, it may look like our journey has been easy. It’s been anything but.

We’ve overcome broken homes and dreams and gone from filming blurry videos in Kleiny’s apartment that get 100 views to becoming two of the world’s biggest content creators.

And we’re only just getting started.

Prepare to enter the world of Woody and Kleiny. A place where success is more than just luck.



Social media stars Woody and Kleiny reveal all as they tell how they went from filming blurry videos for a handful of views to commanding an online following of over nine million.

This is the inspirational tale of perseverance, resilience, struggle and success.

A little bit too easy? It’s been anything but…

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