BAD NEWS first or good?

OK, let’s get the bad news out of the way. A couple of weeks ago, our distributors understandably closed their warehouse due to the C-word and they’re not able to accept books from us, or indeed any other publishing house.

That is particularly tough on the brilliant Susie Petruccelli, whose debut book Raised A Warrior, the winner of the Vikki Orvice Prize, was in the process of being printed just as lockdown began, ahead of publication on 8 May.

Here’s where the good news starts. We believe that Raised A Warrior deserves to be out there to find its audience anyway.

And so we at Floodlit Dreams have decided to release the ebook much earlier than planned. Indeed, from today it is now available on Kindle (RRP £7.99), which means it can be delivered immediately to you.

Just click on this link…

The ebook should also be available for other e-readers, through Kobo and Barnes and Noble.

We still plan to release the paperback as soon as is feasible. We are constantly assessing when that might be, depending on when our printer and distributors reopen.

For those who have already pre-ordered the paperback, please check your email as we will be supplying you with a free copy of the ebook in whatever format you choose until we can get the paperback to you. If you wish to cancel your order rather than wait for the paperback and take advantage of this offer in the meantime, we will of course refund your money.

We’re sorry for the delay in the paperback release and for having to make these arrangements but we hope you’ll agree that this is a reasonable solution in circumstances that are challenging everyone. Enjoy what we believe is a very fine piece of work by Susie.